Dunkey in Paris

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Dunkey in Paris is a 2D timing game developed by Aidan Markham. It was released August 4th, 2014.

A screenshot from the game


Dunkey in Paris is based on the video of the same name from Youtuber VideoGameDunkey. The video features Dunkey singing a parody of Kanye West and and Jay-Z's Ni**as in Paris. In this parody version, Dunkey talks about touching paintings and looking at Leigh's butt. The pygame version of the game features these actions as key mechanics. A chiptune cover of Ni**as in Paris is used in the python version.


The game began as a quick project to practice html5 game development. After some frustration with fonts in html5, the project was switched to pygame in order to finish it.


The game is available for download from aidanmarkham.com. Note that in order to run it you will need to have python 2.7 and pygame installed on your machine. Direct Download